The staff of Fournos

Dodo Santorineou: Founder, Artistic Director

Manthos Santorineos: Founder, Artistic Director of Festival Mediaterra, Head of FournosLab research - art laboratory (please see specific section for details)

People involved in the day-to-day functioning of Fournos, creating a cooperative environment for artists and theatre companies to display their work and interact dynamically with the public:

Myrto Kamvyssi: General Coordinator – Communications Director

Ariadne Fytopoulou: Marketing Social Media

Apostolis Tsatsakos: Lighting Design – Stage Manager


Contributors - Partners


Eleanna Santorineou: Director, Children's Theatre Manager

Eugenia Maragou: Actor, Theatrologist, Theatre Educator

Matina Dimitropoulou: Actor, Theatrical Games

Dr Anna Meli: New Media Artist


Dr Stavroula Zoe: Computer Scientist, member of FournosLab research and creative team


Besides the founders, a large group of friends and colleagues provided valuable aid and support during the first stage of Fournos: Victor Ardittis, Dimitris Kamarotos and Maria Pambouki were involved at the beginning, and later Maria Hatzichristodoulou, who also participated in setting up Festival Mediaterra. In addition Daphne Dragona, Elena Haina, Angeliki Papavasiliou, Elisabet Hatzitheodorou, Georgia Zoumpa, Makis Faros, Spyros Artoumas, Giannis Skoulidas, Dimos Dimitriou, Maria Roussou, Kyriakos Giannatos, Jenny Marketou, Elli Stylianou, Giorgos Gournelos, Aris and Lakis Ionas, Robert Cahen, Pierre Bongiovanni and Zoe Kazazaki helped out. For the last few years, Stavroula Zoe, Nephele Dimitriadi and Asimina Kaniari have collaborated on Festival Mediaterra.